Online Triathlon Coaching Shop - Buy a Training Program

Our Online Triathlon Coaching Program is unique. Nobody else uses this refined method to calculate your training zones. All our athletes, including the professional ones, are benifiting of this approach.

You can experience our succesful training program first hand now! In this shop you can buy a serial for the program that you want to follow!

All programs are divided in weeks. Most of the programs are 12 or 24 weeks in total.

The time mentioned in the name of the program (10 hours, 15 hours, 20 hours, …) is an indication of the maximum training time you will need during your peak weeks.
To respect the periodization of a program, you will need to build up progressively to that maximum.

You can buy the complete program or you can buy parts (Phases) of it.

  • For example:
    • When you are 12 weeks before your race, you can buy the last 12 weeks of a program.
    • Or when you just want to try our program, you can buy Phase 1 of a program and then proceed to the next phase.

Whatever you choose, your optimal pace will be calculated for you personally and you will have a complete program that you can follow. You will see that every single training session is fully detailed, that you will be given extensive personal advice that we can give after you have answered all our questions.

  • Start to Tri = Building a solid base
  • Sprint = Sprint distance (0,75 km – 20 km – 5 km)
  • Half Distance = Ironman® 70.3 Distance (1,9 km – 90 km – 21,1 km)
  • Long Course = Ironman® Distance (3,8 km – 180,2 km – 42,2 km)

Start to Tri Programs

Building a solid base

Sprint Distance Programs

  • 0,75 km
  • 20 km
  • 5 km

Olympic Distance Programs

Half Distance Programs (Ironman® 70.3)

  • 1,9 km
  • 90 km
  • 21,1 km

Long Course Programs (Ironman® Distance)

  • 3,8 km
  • 180,2 km
  • 42,2 km

Ocean Lava Montenegro Programs

  • 1,9 km
  • 90 km
  • 21,1 km

Challenge Races Programs