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New blog entry August 21 2016:
One more in Kona!

Online Triathlon Coaching

Our Online Coaching Program is unique. Nobody else uses this refined method to calculate your training Zones.

Personal Triathlon Coaching

Or you may prefer Personal Coaching?
Next to Luc Van Lierde himself there is no other coach involved. Regarding your training plans and coaching communication, Luc will be the only person you have contact with.

Yes, we do coach world class athletes like Frederik Van Lierde, Ivan Raña, Will Clarke, Michelle Vesterby and Saleta Castro, but Luc Van Lierde Coaching is there for triathletes of all levels, age, fitness and experience. The only requirement for you to get started is to have the basic equipment necessary to swim, bike, and run.

Frederik Van Lierde

Luc Van Lierde, Thomas Hellriegel and Chris McCormack Racing Relay at Challenge® Denmark on June 13 2015.


  • August 21: Will Clarke finishes second in Ironman® Copenhagen!
  • August 7: Alexandra and Kenneth National Champion Half Distance
  • August 2: One more Pro in Kona, Congratulations Saleta with your second place. After 14 months we have reached our goal with qualifying for the Ironman World Championship 2016. Happy Coach!
  • July 10: Today Kenneth won one of the toughest races in Belgium, Flanders triathlon go's over some of the hills where the cyclist from the Tour The Flanders go over. A good test race for him towards the Nationals in a few weeks time.
    Fred came second at the 70.3 in Sweden, with one of his fastest run in a 70.3 race. Time to move on a start working towards Kona. [ Read more ... ]
  • July 3: Ironman Europe Frankfurt: Will Clarke 5th place and Saleta Castro 6th place! They have done a very good race with a marathon time of 2:41 and 3:04, earning the points they need so badly for Kona! Happy Coach!!! [ Read more ... ]
  • June 16: Alexandra Tondeur coached by me!
  • June 12: Now I have two Danish Pro's at the start of the Ironman© World Championship in Hawaii later this year.
  • Next to Michelle Vesterby, Jens-Petersen-Bach has made sure by finishing 5th at Ironman® Cairns he has enough points to qualify!.

  • June 10: Today one of my youngest athletes Omri Bahat (18j) won the National Sprint Distance in Israel.
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Meet the Professional Athletes

Frederik Van Lierde

Frederik Van Lierde
Professional Triathlete. Ironman® World Champion 2013.

Will Clarke

Will Clarke
Professional Triathlete.
2 x British National Triathlon Champion, Multiple Ironman 70.3® winner.

Romain Guillaume

Romain Guillaume
Professional Triathlete.
Ironman® winner, 10th place Ironman® Hawaii 2014

Kenneth Vandendriessche

Kenneth Vandendriessche
Professional Triathlete.
European Champion Duatlon 2015.

Jens Petersen-Bach

Jens Petersen-Bach
Professional Triathlete.
Ironman® winner

Michelle Vesterby

Michelle Vesterby
Professional Triathlete. Ironman® winner, 8th place Ironman® Hawaii 2013, 4th place Ironman® Hawaii 2015.

Saleta Castro

Saleta Castro
Professional Triathlete.
3th place Ironman® Lanzarote 2013, 3th place Ironman 70.3® Lanzarote 2015.

Alexandra Tondeur

Alexandra Tondeur
Professional Triathlete.
Ironman 70.3® winner, 2nd place Ironman 70.3® Lanzarote 2016.

And the future ...

Omri Bahat

Omri Bahat (Israel)
° January 7 1998
10th place at Triathlon Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

Amber Rombout

Amber Rombout (Belgium)
° May 10 1998
11th place at Triathlon Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

LVL Professional Test Center

Always wondered how our professional athletes are making the progress they do?
Everything starts with our unique testing and evaluation methods.
You can be tested and evaluated in one of our test centers too!

[ Lanzarote Test Center ] - [ Mexico Test Center ]

The secret to success is to combine science with the experience "on the field", resulting in a worldwide unique training method.
That's why I was able to win the World Championships IM Hawaii twice and guide Frederik Van Lierde to win Hawaii for the first time in 2013.

Luc Van Lierde Personal evaluation

No matter where you live, no matter who is coaching you, you can have Luc's opinion and evalution.
You can do a test with our protocol and deliver the results by mail. Afterwards you will get the evaluation of Luc Van Lierde himself.
Nobody else uses this refined method to calculate your training Zones.
All our athletes, including the professional ones, are benefiting of testing.
You can experience our successful training program firsthand now!