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We coach world class athletes, but Luc Van Lierde Coaching is there for triathletes of all levels, age, fitness and experience.

The only requirement for you to get started is to have the basic equipment necessary to swim, bike, and run.

The secret to success is to combine science with the experience "on the field", resulting in a worldwide unique training method.
That's why I was able to win the World Championships IM Hawaii twice and guide Frederik Van Lierde to win Hawaii for the first time in 2013.

LVL Professional Test Center

Always wondered how our professional athletes are making the progress they do?
Everything starts with our unique testing and evaluation methods.
You can be tested and evaluated in our test center too!

Luc Van Lierde Personal evaluation

No matter where you live, no matter who is coaching you, you can have Luc’s opinion and evalution. You can do a test with our protocol and deliver the results by mail. Afterwards you will get the evaluation of Luc Van Lierde himself. Nobody else uses this refined method to calculate your training Zones. All our athletes, including the professional ones, are benefiting of testing. You can experience our successful training program firsthand now!