Start To Tri Phase 2 (week 6 to 9)

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Triathlon 4 weeks Base Training – 10 hours per week




This Program (Base Training Phase 2) gives you the second block of 4 weeks from a 13 weeks Base Training Program (Base Training Phase 1-2-3).

Base Training?

There is a big difference between training to train and training to race.Periodization in your training is really necessary. Instead of doing the same training sessions, month after month, you have to change your training program (quantity and quality wise) during the season.

This program (Base Training) are all workouts intended to prepare your body for the hard training that will follow.
Once your base training is completed, you can choose one of our other programs that will take you to your first race.


In this program, you will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your fitness, your goals, … .

You will be surprised to see that we can simulate your exact personal training zones.
This simulation is based on the scientific method that we use to translate lactate tests from our Professional athletes (like Frederik Van Lierde, Marino Vanhoenacker, Michelle Vesterby, …) into the accurate training zones.
This is then used to create a personally customized program.

The program will give you flexibility because we know that it is not always that easy to follow a program to the day.

You will also be given extensive personal advice. Not some general tips, but really useful advice that we can give you since you will have provided us with the necessary information in your questionnaires.

You will have a complete program that you can easily follow. Every single training session is fully detailed.

Your personal program is shown on the screen, it is sent to you by email and you can also install it as ‘an app’ on your mobile device!


  • Training zones calculation with a completely new and unique approach (LVL Lactasoft)
  • Easy to follow, completely detailed training sessions
  • Personalized advice
  • Program made by one of the most succesful triathletes and coaches in the world!

We can guarantee progress!



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