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Luc Van Lierde is full-time coach of Frederik Van Lierde, Will Clarke and Michelle Vesterby and several other semi-professional and amateur athletes.

August 21 2016

One more in Kona!!!

Will finished second in Ironman Copenhagen in a sub 8h with a time of 7:59'31"!

Well done my friend. Happy Coach!

Will Clarke goes to Kona!!!

August 8 2016

The best is yet to come!

In May 2015 I watched Saleta Castro racing the Lanzarote Ironman, not her best result and obviously something was going wrong.

Saleta contacted me through a mutual friend, Gunter from Osteo43.
He told me that this girl had the dedication, the character and the mental and physical power to do everything it takes to reach her goal.

As with all my athletes, I first checked the actual and past condition so I can estimate what the individual potentials are and what we need to improve.
This generally implicates several specific tests as for example repeated lactate tests on specific moments through the first months.
By measuring VO2max, VLA max and psychological reactivity, I am able to make an athlete's blueprint which provides me all necessary information I need to know to start with.

Sometimes you need to train slow and long to race fast on short distance, but other moments you need to train fast and short to race faster on long distance! As a coach, I need to know what we need to trigger (energy, power, speed, distance, rest,) to get the effect we need at every specific moment. This is a combination of testing, knowledge, experience and psychology.

Step by step we reach our short, middle and long-term goals that we need to achieve. One of the middle term goals is paying off, with Saleta right now, repeating 3:04 marathon in 2 Ironman races with only 1 month of difference in between. We can't skip one step; if you want to reach your goal you need to be patient and trust in the proved science we work with.
Patience is the mother of science!

Qualifying for Kona as a pro is not an easy task, especially for the PRO women in this sport. Only the top 35 girls are allowed to race the Ironman World Championship in Kona.
Choosing the right races at the right time is a tough task. In sports 1+1 is not always 2 and when you miss some of your goals, coach and athlete will need to do the homework all over again. There's not a lot of space for qualifying for Hawaii and the later in the season, the more difficult to adapt training.

Now, after little more than 1 year of coaching her, Saleta's dream came true, she will be racing the Ironman World Championship in Kona this year!!
However, as her coach, I know for sure: "the best is yet to come"!

Luc Van Lierde
professional triathlon coach.

More info and training plans on this page.

August 7 2016

Alexandra and Kenneth National Champion Half Distance

This weekend we had the Nationale Championship half distance in Eupen. Happy with the progress they both made this year. Happy Coach!!!

Kenneth and Alexandra National Champion Half Distance

August 2 2016

Saleta qualifies for Ironman© World Championship

One more Pro in Kona, Congratulations Saleta with your second place. After 14 months we have reached our goal with qualifying for the Ironman© World Championship 2016. Happy Coach!

Saleta qualifies for Kona

July 10 2016

Frederik and Kenneth

Today Kenneth won one of the toughest races in Belgium, Flanders triathlon go's over some of the hills where the cyclist from the Tour The Flanders go over. A good test race for him towards the Nationals in a few weeks time.

Flanders Triathlon - Kenneth

Fred came second at the 70.3 in Sweden, with one of his fastest run in a 70.3 race. Time to move on a start working towards Kona.

Fred Sweden

July 3 2016

Will Clarke and Saleta Castro

Ironman Europe Frankfurt: Will Clarke 5th place and Saleta Castro 6th place! They have done a very good race with a marathon time of 2:41 and 3:04, earning the points they need so badly for Kona! Happy Coach!!!

Alexandra Tondeur doing a bike lactate test with Luc Van Lierde

June 16 2016

Alexandra Tondeur

From now I'll be coaching Alexandra Tondeur, but like every athlete she needs to test first!

Alexandra Tondeur doing a bike lactate test with Luc Van Lierde

June 12 2016

Two Danish Pro's in Kona

Now I have two Danish Pro's at the start of the Ironman© World Championship in Hawaii later this year.

Next to Michelle Vesterby, Jens-Petersen-Bach has made sure by finishing 5th at Ironman Cairns he has enough points to qualify!

Jens and Michelle go to Hawaii 2016

June 10 2016

N.C. Sprint Distance Israel

Today one of my youngest athletes Omri Bahat (18j) won the National Sprint Distance in Israel.

Omri National Champion

June 5 2016

Ironman Nice

Frederik finished 4th at Ironman Nice today, only 6 weeks after he broke his collarbone.
Never thought he would be able to do this in such a short time.

Frederik Ironman Nice

May 8 2016

E.C. Duathlon Long Distance

After his victory last year at the E.C duathlon long distance Kenneth felt that he was morally obligated to defend his title this year.
Earlier this year Kenneth has decided to take the step towards triathlon and leave the past behind with the E.C duathlon as the only exception.

Now he has succeeded in his goal with a second European Tittle!

European Champion Duathlon Kenneth Vandendriessche

April 30 2016

Volcano Triathlon Lanzarote

I have three pro athletes on the podium today during the Volcano triathlon.
Kenneth Vandendriessche​ has won the men's race while Michelle Vesterby​ finished second and Saleta Castro Nogueira third in the girls race.

Michelle and Saleta Volcano Triathlon

Kenneth Vandendriessche Volcano Triathlon

April 23 2016

Challenge Fuerteventura

Mixed feelings today ...

While Will finished second in Challenge Fuerteventura, Frederik crashed and broke his collarbone.

Will Clarke second in Challenge Fuerteventura

Frederik crashes in Fuerteventura

April 6 2016

Romain Guillaume

From now on, I'll be coaching Romain Guillaume. But first we need to test to see where we stand.

Romain Guillaume doing a lactate test with Luc Van Lierde

March 15 2016 - Blog


"Better to Prevent than to cure" I think we all agree with this quote. It is way easier to prevent a problem from happening than to solve the problem after it has already happened. It is better to get things done the right way in the first place than to repair the damage. At the end, the cost of "injury prevention" is much lower than the cost of repairing the damage.

Prevention starts with the attitude and mindset of an athlete. Next to "injury prevention" we can prevent mechanical problems (frame, helmet, pressure on your tires, etc …) and prevent mental weakness. A mindset of prevention can make the difference between you and your biggest competitors.

Mental coaching is one of the most underestimated aspects within the sport. Some athletes are mentally strong enough, while others lose their focus to easy. An athlete with confidence and mental strength can achieve so much more.

Core stability is the most common and known form of prevention there is. I believe that core training is an important component of being an athlete, because a strong core will prevent injuries during your everyday workout as well as during your competitions.

A good warm up and cooling down are an essential part of your training. Always start with a 10 to 15 min warm up and end your workout with a 10min cooling down. I know it's an extra effort but an important and necessary effort to prevent injuries.

Luc Van Lierde Triathlon Coach

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