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Club La Santa Autumn Camp

What better way to learn everything about Triathlon training and racing than to be able to have exclusive time with one of the best IRONMAN® athletes of all time at the world's best playground for active people, Club La Santa, Lanzarote?

2 times Hawaii IRONMAN® World Champion, Luc Van Lierde, offers you a 6 day clinic during which you will learn principles that can be applied to any distance triathlon. He will share his experiences as an athlete and as a coach of world class athletes. You will meet Luc Van Lierde in person, because we really want to get to know you better, understand your history, present situation, your goals. Luc Van Lierde and his assistant coaches will run and bike with you.

Your training plan will not be complete without the necessary scientific tests. You will do a swim and a run test conducted by AZ Sport Clinic (Dr. Antonio Zoido) with the protocol that Luc Van Lierde uses for his pro athletes. Based on these results, we will be able to figure out the right training zones for your personalized plan. This is a key point in your training. You will achieve more power, become more efficient and enjoy better comfort with the perfect fit on your bike. The Guru Bike Fitting includes a complete body and posture analysis by our sports physiotherapist / osteopath Osteo43. At our Swim sessions (both in the pool and open water), you will improve your swim technique and become an effective - and comfortable - open water swimmer! We will also cover some easy exercises for you to do at home, that help develop and firm your core and the stabilizing muscle groups. These are functional exercises that will help you in your everyday activities and in your chosen sport. During our indoor bike workouts, you will learn how to increase power and endurance. We will hold lectures during the clinic where Luc will answer your questions based on his scientific knowledge combined with his vast experience from training and racing. You will learn about the little things that makes a big difference in your training.

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Club La Santa Volcano Camp

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Club La Santa Fall Camp

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