Coaching Testimonials

"Luc is not just a coach, but so much more to me ..."
Frederik Van Lierde 2015

Frederik Van Lierde - Professional Athlete - Ironman® World Champion 2013

Frederik Van Lierde Ironman World Champion 2013

Luc as a coach does the strategic thinking for me.
He also gives the general directions, develops action plans, thinks carefully about new approaches, ... .
Ever since we started working together my body responses have brought me to great results.

But Luc is also so much more to me.
He is a friend and a sounding board.

We have known each other since 1996.
He became my coach at the end of 2010.
So now we have a long history together, sharing many beautiful experiences.

By the way, sharing the same last name has always been a peculiar energy source. ;-)


Michelle Vesterby - Professional Athlete

Michelle Vesterby

For me the most important thing in a coach-athlete relationship is TRUST!

I believe in Luc and I believe in the project!
His professionalism in his work around me gives me confidence and peace - and that's really important.

I can only recommend him - although I want him for myself. ;)


Pascale Vandewalle - Amateur Athlete - Award Winning Photographer / Artist

Pascale Vandewalle Triathlete

I started from zero,
and I will never be a triathlon hero.
But thanks to Luc I finished several 1/4 triathlons
in a comfortable and enjoyable way
He's a great coach,
who supports you step by step, and day by day !


Evelyn Deceuninck - Amateur Athlete

Evelyne Deceuninck Triathlete

Until two years ago, I thought that half a triathlon was an impossible job that is only for people with a lot of time and even more guts … .
Now, after two years of 'triathloning', I have caught the virus and I hope realizing that dream once. Working and doing sports, combined with a family of three young children, is a challenge . With a good week schedule, I manage to put the pieces together.
In 2014 I was very susceptible to injuries, but thanks to the constantly adapted training schedules of Luc, I could go on training anyway to finally end with my first marathon!
We always look forward to our annual practical in La Santa under Luc's supervision. A week full of challenges and efforts, but we always come back relaxed, energetic and with a free mind.
Training in a sensible way is definitely a must. Luc is the coach who has to damp our enthusiasm now and then, who knows how to give us a thorough shake-up and who can motivate us over and over again!


Christine De Dijcker - Amateur Athlete

Coaching Amateur Triathlete

For the second time we left for Lanzarote, well-trained because of Luc's schedules. After the incredible experience the year before, I was determined to participate as a part of a trio again in the Volcano triathlon. After some 'negotiations' I found a runner for our team, namely Katty Danneels, who had already run a marathon. Then, I still needed a swimmer. It took more effort to convince Evelyn Deceuninck. However, as we know her, once in the competition she was prepared to go to any length.
We had courage and really felt like it. The evening of the price-giving ceremony was also enjoyable. Suddenly we heard that a trio of Dutch women had won. However, there was no Dutch trio. Did this mean they meant us, a Belgian team? I quickly gathered more information behind the side wings. Our husbands were convinced they meant our team, but we, the women, were doubting. We simply could not believe it.
Apparently the speaker had been mistaken and indeed, not a Dutch team, but the Belgian team was the winner. Extremely proud, we went on stage and pointed thumbs up to our coach, Luc, who is very famous in Lanzarote.
We cherish our trophy that is a 'once in a lifetime story'!
Thank you very much triathlon friends, thank you Luc and definitely thumbs up for our achievement. Due to the sports I have had a lot of special moments in my life and we keep on training and look forward to Lanzarote 2015. There we will have a new experience and participate as an individual instead of as a team.